Laxman K Behera

Laxman K Behera is Research Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detail profile.

India’s Interim Defence Budget 2014-15: An Appraisal

February 23, 2014

The 10 per cent growth in the interim defence budget although looks impressive from outside, it has a poor outlook on the modernisation front. Much of the hike in the interim budget is consumed by the increase in salary, leaving very little to meet the defence modernisation requirements.

Arms Trade Offset: Global Trend and ‘Best’ Practices

March 21, 2014
Fellows' Seminar

Chairperson: Shri V. K. Misra
Discussants: Shri A. K. Ghosh and Shri Amit Cowshish

Run up to the Defence Budget 2014-15: Challenges to Modernisation

February 4, 2014

It is commonly viewed that in an election year, the incumbent government is tempted to present a populist budget. In that scenario, the MoD would have reasons to be unhappy, particularly so when the modernisation requirement of the armed forces has reached a stage which is now contingent upon substantial additional resources to remain on course.

Defence Innovations in India: The Fault Lines


The Occasional Paper examines India's defence innovation performance, especially of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the defence industry. The paper argues that the innovation performance of these two players is constrained by lack of a higher organisational structure which could provide direction and required thrust to the indigenous R&D.

Defence Innovation in India: The Fault Lines

September 13, 2013
Fellows' Seminar

Defence Offset Guidelines: Time to Correct the Imbalance

July 24, 2013

The Office Memorandum has created a debate among various stakeholders, particularly the Indian IT and software-related companies which see a loss of business to the tune of $10 billion.

Indian Defence Industry: Issues of Self-Reliance

The monograph makes an attempt to estimate India’s defence self-reliance index, which has been a subject of intense debate in recent years. It also surveys the key recommendations of various high level committees set up by the Indian government post the Kargil conflict. The monograph concludes with key policy measures to revitalize India’s moribund defence industry.

Amendments to DPP-2011: An Analytical Overview

May 6, 2013

On April 20th, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) of the Ministry of Defence announced 15 major amendments to the defence procurement and production policies, with the hope to incentivise indigenous defence manufacturing while promoting transparency and efficiency in the procurement process.

LAAD Exhibition: Showcase of Brazilian Self-Reliance

April 25, 2013

Like many other developing counties, Brazil also believes in self-reliance in arms manufacturing and has articulated comprehensive national defence policy with a strong support of its armed forces. There could possibly be some lessons for India.

India’s Defence Budget 2013-14: A Bumpy Road Ahead

March 4, 2013

A GDP growth of less than seven per cent combined with the fiscal consolidation path that the Finance Minister has articulated in his budget speech means a lot of pressure on the defence ministry whose plan for current and future expenditure up to 2017 is based on past GDP growth rate of 8 to 9 per cent.

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