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Africa, Latin America, Caribbean & UN


The Centre’s research focus includes understanding developments in the African region and analysing various hotspots like Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, and the Indian Ocean Region. It also focuses on bilateral, regional as well as multilateral engagements between India and the countries of Africa. The Centre also endeavours to analyse India’s engagement with Latin American countries, particularly in forums such as IBSA, BRICS, etc.

In addition, the Centre carries out research on the broader theme of India and the United Nations. It deals with important topics that come up in the Security Council and those that hold relevance and significance to India’s foreign policy.

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Need to Build an Effective Indo-German Partnership

November 09, 2015

India and Germany have complementarities that can make them effective partners. However, converting these complementarities into possibilities will depend on creating conducive environment for greater German investment and a better understanding of the German world view.

3rd India Africa Forum Summit: Rejuvenating Relations

October 29, 2015
3rd India Africa Forum Summit: Rejuvenating Relations

Touted as the most spectacular diplomatic exercise hosted by India since the 1983 Non Aligned Movement (NAM) summit, this meeting provides opportunity for India to rejuvenate relations with the continent.

Reenergising India-Africa Maritime Relations

October 28, 2015
Reenergising India-Africa Maritime Relations

Africa needs not only maritime administration frameworks and the local capacity to enforce regulations, but also a model for sustainable blue-economy development that does not result in the destruction of its natural maritime habitat. In this, it can use India’s assistance.

A Setback for the Prospect of UN Security Council Reform!

August 17, 2015
A Setback for the Prospect of UN Security Council Reform

Many UN member states are of the view that text-based negotiation is the best way to take the process forward. But the US, Russia and China have refused to commit themselves to this process.

1st US-Africa Leaders Summit: A New Chapter in the US-Africa Relations

August 20, 2014

The summit is seen as one of the major initiatives of the Obama administration towards the African continent and being the first US President to hold the largest event with the African head of states and governments.