Trump and Israeli Settlements Expansion

February 22, 2017

It is in the US interest not to encourage Israeli policies that could possibly lead to further radicalisation of Palestinians.

An Analysis of the Internal Security Budget 2017-18

February 21, 2017

For the financial year 2017-18, the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has been allocated Rs. 83,823 crore, a hike of around 11.5 per cent over that of the previous year. Though the Union government has been providing substantial budget support to the MHA to aid its reform and modernisation programs, the ministry’s efforts to bring about desired reforms have shown mixed results so far.

India’s Participation in CPEC: The Ifs and Buts

February 17, 2017
India’s Participation in CPEC: The Ifs and Buts

Isolated statements from China and Pakistan soliciting India’s participation in CPEC could be part of a strategic mind-game. India must consider engaging astutely in this mind-game.

India - UAE Relations: New Dimension to Strategic Partnership

February 17, 2017
India - UAE Relations: New Dimension to Strategic Partnership

As India seeks to enhance economic engagement and deepen security cooperation with the Gulf, it finds a willing partner in the UAE.

Gorkhas of the Indian Army and India-Nepal Relations

February 17, 2017

This commentary is inspired by the Annual Gorkha Brigade Conference held at New Delhi on 11 February 2017 and the unique relationship between India and Nepal that this military connection underpins.

HAL’s Gamble – Will the “Advanced Hawk” break into the Export market?

February 13, 2017
HAL’s Gamble – Will the “Advanced Hawk” break into the Export market?

On 5 February 2017, a version of the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) was unveiled. The aptly-named “Advanced Hawk” is a joint-venture between BAE Systems and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). It has been developed using internal funds on an equal risk basis and offers significant enhancement of the capabilities of the basic Hawk AJT.

10 Questions the Standing Committee on Defence needs to ask MoD

February 13, 2017

The objective of asking these question should be to elicit information that generates a well-informed debate on, and facilitates the result-oriented monitoring of, the MoD’s handling of matters related to the defence budget.

Post-Nuclear Security Summit Process: Continuing Challenges and Emerging Prospects

It is important that the international community addresses the existing threats to nuclear security not only to mitigate the dangers of nuclear terrorism but also to strengthen the achievements of the Summit process.More details [+]

Talk by His Excellency Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali on "Afghanistan at the Crossroads: Implications for Regional Security"
Journal of Defence Studies - January 2017

This issue carries three incisive articles on the Indian Defence Budget, data theft and its implications for national and economic security, and perception management in asymmetric warfare. Also included is a commentary on India’s nuclear doctrine and a perspective on ALH Dhruv and the Indian helicopter industry. More details [+]

CBW Magazine, Summer, July-December 2016

This issue of the CBW Magazine discusses the recently concluded Review Conference. The writers for the issue agree that there is a need to do more with respect to the Biological Weapons Convention and this Review Conference has not been very effective in formulating a future action plan. More details [+]

Strategic Analysis - January 2017

The first issue of 2017 has a line-up highlighting India’s concerns in the wake of the US policy of Asian rebalance; analysing regionalism in South Asia; making a case for ‘white hull diplomacy’ in times of regional tensions rising over disputed waters in Southeast Asia; and the possibility of conceiving South America and Southern Africa as subsystemic unipolarities under Brazilian and South African primacy. More details [+]

Africa Trends

This issue includes an array of articles on the expanse of the India-Mauritius security relationship, the implications of the newest UN Security Council Resolution on Libya and the case for adherence to the principles of traditional peacekeeping from an Indian peacekeeper.More details [+]


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