Significance of the Jordanian Parliamentary Election

September 28, 2016

The most significant outcome of the Jordanian parliamentary election has been the participation of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political wing of the officially banned Muslim Brotherhood. In many ways, this election is a test of King Abdullah’s commitment to electoral reforms.

Coast Guards in the Western Hemisphere – The Dutch Connection

September 27, 2016

The Dutch Shipbuilding Company Damen’s success in the Western Hemisphere has important lessons for ship manufacturers who wish to export small and medium sized patrol vessels to the region and elsewhere.

DPRK’s Nuclear Provocations and the Indian Response

September 27, 2016

India needs to engage more pointedly with South Korea, Japan, the United States and even bilaterally with DPRK to convey its concerns regarding the latter’s strategic cooperation with Pakistan.

The End of an Era in Uzbekistan

September 26, 2016

President Islam Karimov’s foremost contribution to the region and the world is to shield Uzbekistan from the onslaught of radical Islam.

Syria: The Cease-Fire that was and wasn’t

September 23, 2016

The Kerry-Lavrov agreement did not work because those who had to cease fire were not willing to abide by it.

Calibrated Responses: The Way Forward for Defeating Proxy War

September 23, 2016

Through a pragmatic strategy coupled with national will, India should undertake calibrated responses to defeat Pakistan’s proxy war game plan with a view to making its misadventures prohibitively costly and unsustainable.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Air Arms: Inefficient Duplication of Effort

September 21, 2016
Trinidad and Tobago’s Air Arms: Inefficient Duplication of Effort

For Trinidad and Tobago, having two Air Arms has led to duplication of effort that has rendered existing assets less effective than they otherwise might have been. A faulty procurement process has also led to an incompatibility of both aircraft and avionics.

Address by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, HE Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on ‘Fifth Wave of Political Violence and Global Terrorism’

Riverine Neighbourhood: Hydro-politics in South Asia

Rivers are the most visible form of fresh water. Rivers are ancient and older than civilizations a ‘mini cosmos’ spawning history, tales, spirituality, and technological incursions. Flowing rivers are the largest renewable water resource as well as a crucible for both humans and aquatic ecosystem. More details [+]

Even If It Ain’t Broke Yet, Do Fix It: Enhancing Effectiveness Through Military Change

Military change is a relatively nascent area of study, especially in the Indian scenario. This book attempts to analyse this subject through an examination of existing literature, thereby co-relating some of its primary conclusion in the context of the Indian Army. More details [+]

Indigenous Historical Knowledge: Kautilya and His Vocabulary (Volume III)

This book is the third in a series of three volumes on "Kautilya and His Vocabulary" as a part of the "Indigenous Historical Knowledge" project undertaken by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. More details [+]

Africa Trends

This issue includes an interesting array of articles on the dynamics of the trade in cocaine, between Latin America and West Africa; the rise of Niger Delta Avengers in the politics of Nigeria’s oil-based economy; China’s stimulated security engagement with Africa.
More details [+]

Strategic Analysis - September 2016

This issue opens with a strong rejoinder to the dialogue on the future of Tibet, and contains commentaries on India’s foreign policy priorities; the roadmap of India's nuclear security, and the oil market trends and the challenges therein. Sandeep Chakravorty explores the roots of Latin American culture as he delves on the Bolivian concept of ‘Vivir Bien’ or the ‘Good Life’. More details [+]

Journal of Defence Studies - July 2016

This issue includes research articles on the Chinese maritime militia; India’s growing importance in Japan’s geo-strategic outlook; and observations on UN peace keeping with a focus on UNIFIL. It also features a perspective on Operation Golden Bird along with four book reviews. More details [+]

CBW Magazine, Summer, January-June 2016

The Preparatory Committee Meeting for the Eight Review Conference scheduled in November 2016, was concluded in April. The follow up meeting will take place in August 2016. More details [+]


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