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East Asia


The East Asia Centre is dedicated to study and research the domestic and foreign policy of China, Japan and Korea and India’s multifaceted relationship with the region and countries of the region. As far as China is concerned the center’s research foci are its foreign policy (particularly with the US, Russia, Central Asia and the Asia Pacific) domestic politics, economy, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and India’s relationship with China in all its dimensions. It also focuses on Taiwan, its domestic politics, Sino-Taiwanese relationship and Indo-Taiwanese relationship, Hong Kong and India-Hong Kong relations. The seamless ness of research in the center also pays attention to Japan and Korea including the domestic politics, foreign policy and comprehensive bilateral relationship with India. The geo-politics of the Asia Pacific and the Korean peninsula are also studied in the center.

The Centre brings out bimonthly newsletter - East Asia Monitor - on China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula.


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Make in India and the Expanding Scope for India-Japan Defence Cooperation

December 29, 2015

India’s defence modernisation presents enormous opportunities for the Japanese defence industry, which until recently concentrated exclusively on the domestic market in order to demonstrate Japan’s commitment to peace.

India’s Approach to Asia: Strategy, Geopolitics and Responsibility


Publisher: Pentagon Press
ISBN 978-81-8274-870-5
This book offers wide ranging divergent perspectives on India's role in managing and shaping Asian Security. The book offers important ideas on how Asian security will shape up in the future by utilizing the method of scenarios. It is an important contribution to the field of Asian and regional security and India's role in it.

E-Book available

The ‘Road’ to Success for the “Silk Road Initiative” is via Aerospace

October 21, 2015
The ‘Road’ to Success for the “Silk Road Initiative” is via Aerospace

For China, the Belt and Road initiative is a long-term strategy designed for it to assume a bigger role in global affairs through the business route. Various aerial and space-based platforms will play an important in making this strategy successful.

The US Factor in Sino-Indian Relations: India's Fine Balancing


The monograph seeks to determine the extent to which the US is a factor as an intervening variable in the complex relationship between the two countries. The study attempts to probe the research question as to how China perceives U.S policy towards India in particular, and whether growing Indo-US ties can affect China's security interest negatively.

China as a Peer of the United States: Implications of the Joint Statement of September 25, 2015

October 01, 2015
China as a Peer of the United States: Implications of the Joint Statement of September 25, 2015

China is emerging as a peer and partner of the United States in international affairs. India’s response should be to work with China to make the ‘Asian Century’ a reality and shape the future global agenda.