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Gp Capt Ajey Lele

Research Fellow

Joined IDSA

September 2001


Weapons of Mass Destructions with major emphasis on Biological Weapons, Space and National Security, Non Military Threats


PhD, Disarmament Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; MSc and MPhil (Defence and Strategic Studies), Madras University; MSc (Physics), Pune University

Current Project

WMDs and Strategic Technologies

Select Publications

  • Asian Space Race: Rhetoric or Reality? (Springer)
  • Strategic Technologies for the Military: Breaking New Frontiers (SAGE Publication: New Delhi, 2009)
  • Weather and Warfare (IDSA & Lancer Publishers: New Delhi, 2006).
  • Bio-Weapons: The Genie in the Bottle (Lancer Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, 2004).
  • "Pakistan's Space Capabilities," Air Power, Spring 2005.
  • "China: A Growing Military Space Power," Astropolitics, Spring 2005.
  • "Galileo: EU's Footprint in Space," Indian Defence Review, April-June 2004.
Other Publications