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Bijoy Das

Bijoy Das was Research Associate at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. <a href="/profile/bdas">Click here for detailed profile</a>.

Border Defence Cooperation Agreement: The Icebreaker in Making?

The long expected Agreement on Border Defence Cooperation (BDCA) was signed between the governments of India and China on 23 October 2013 in Beijing, during the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to the People’s Republic of China. The draft of the agreement had been through close-door negotiations by both the governments for about a year prior to its signing. Incidentally, it was also during these negotiations that a three week long face-to-face incident occurred—in April-May 2013—at Depsang located in the Aksai Chin region which is disputed between India and China.

Xi Jinping Carries Out First General Rank Promotions in PLA

September 25, 2013

In the first round of promotions to the senior-most ranks of PLA, Xi Jinping signals building a younger, technological savvy military that needs to be honest and under the control to the party.

Tibetans in China: Making Sense of a Visit and Five Appointments

March 26, 2013

The Tibetan issue is primarily a political one and less an economic one as China projects it to be. China should talk to the Tibetan diaspora and India for a final solution. That would be in the true interests of the peoples, bilateral relations and regional stability.

China to Survey Disputed Marine Territories for Natural Resources

January 11, 2013

China seems to have made this move to strengthen its claim to disputed marine territories by conducting “surveys” which a country normally does in its own territory.

PLA Conducts Missile Tests In Tibet

July 30, 2012

A tactical new missile in Tibet may be a good thing for China’s defence industry, but it is definitely not a good thing for India-China relations or for regional security.

China’s 12th Five Year Plan and its Military

March 25, 2011

China’s 12th Five Year Plan, approved by the National People’s Congress on March 14, has effectively tied up the PLA’s defence modernisation with overall national growth.

Relevance of an East China Sea dispute to India

March 24, 2011

China’s conduct on the Chunxiao issue indicates that it may go ahead with plans regardless of a pending dispute when a vital strategic goal has to be achieved.