Mrinmayee Bhushan

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  • Dr Mrinmayee Bhushan is Founder-Director of Mindfarm Novatech Private Limited, a start-up innovation company.

    Cyber-Biosecurity: An Emerging National Security Frontier

    Cyber-Biosecurity, an emerging threat landscape at the intersection of cybersecurity, cyber-physical security and biosecurity has a potential to disrupt economic, social and political well-being of the nation and has tremendous national security implications. All forms of cyber-attacks impact the manufacturing industries, governments, health infrastructure, patients and bio-economy at large.

    April-June 2023

    Biological and Chemical Threats and UAV Delivery Systems: A Lethal Combination

    The Chemical or Biological Weapons (CBW) of mass destruction and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology both have dual-use potential, and can be manufactured cost-effectively, covertly utilising the same set of equipment, manufacturing unit and manpower, which makes it a deadly combination. The proliferation of CBW technology has always been a global threat. The threat of CBW-weaponised drones from non-state actors has been escalating with increasing covert support to terrorism by state actors.

    October-December 2022

    A Proposal for Biosecurity Framework in India

    Perpetual biological threats in India presented in different forms, and of various intensities call for a comprehensive biosecurity framework. Rapidly advancing scientific developments in synthetic biology have altered the landscape of probable biological threats. Taking cues from legal biosecurity frameworks of developed nations; legally binding regulations along with integrated and wide-ranging biosafety, biosecurity and biodefense policies need to be re-designed to form the backbone of this robust comprehensive biosecurity framework.

    July-December 2021

    Ricin: Feral Wolf to Hunting Dog!

    Though not considered as effective bioterror agent as either botulinum toxin or anthrax, Ricin is notorious for its perceived potential. This fresh perspective is an effort to analyze the facts related to Ricin, with reference to its newfound therapeutic applications. This big picture should be helpful in understanding the threat in Indian context!

    July-December 2017