CBW Magazine: Journal on Chemical and Biological Weapons

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  • The CBW magazine is the first of its kind in India. Initially, during the conceptualization stage, we pondered over and dabbled with various themes and concepts that we would have liked the magazine to envisage. The foremost issue was whether it should be stylised in a magazine or a journal format? Owing to the dynamism of either formats, we settled for a potpourri of sorts. That is how the title and the byline came to incorporate both terms – CBW Magazine, ‘a journal on chemical and biological weapons’.

    The magazine would, first of all, consist of a Cover Story in a true magazine style. Further, there is a Country Profile and Book Review. The Invited Articles section conforms to the journal format, though referencing would be in-text and consist of only select sources. There is also a section on current news in biological and chemical field, which would be arranged thematically and cover issues on arms control, disarmament, role of state and non-state actors, etc., pertaining to chemical and biological weapons issue. We would also attempt to survey the ongoing news in brief and present them in a legible format.

    Contributions and feedbacks are welcome and can be addressed to cbwmagazineeditor@gmail.com.