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  • China Science and Technology Review

    China Science and Technology Review is a monthly newsletter from the East Asia Centre of MP-IDSA. It monitors major scientific breakthroughs and developments in science diplomacy in China.

    Cyber Digest

    The Cyber Digest is an initiative of Manohar Parrikar IDSA Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (ICCOE) under the Strategic Technologies Centre of MP-IDSA. It is a monthly publication which comprises of the recent developments in cyber security across the globe.

    Defence Newsletter

    'Defence Newsletter’ aims to capture key developments in the country’s defence and security spheres, pertaining to Atmanirbhar Bharat, defence reforms, defence exports, defence diplomacy, defence acquisitions, apart from activities at the interface of the civil and the military, termed as civil-military fusion (CMF).

    Eurasia Digest

    Eurasia Digest, is a monthly compilation of important development in the Eurasian region focusing on security, foreign policy, economy and domestic politics. This digest is intended for policymakers and the academic community.

    East Asia Military Monitor

    As East Asia is growing, its economic and military reach compounded by its peaking influence has led to the great powers adjusting to the so-called shifts in International order. Keeping in mind the fast developing military situation in the East Asian region, the East Asia Centre at MP-IDSA has taken the initiative to launch East Asia Military Monitor.

    East Asia Military Monitor is a bimonthly newsletter, focussing on the significant military and security developments in the region, particularly in China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. This newsletter is intended for the policymakers and the academic community. The information is drawn from speeches, articles, ministries and regional forums with a special emphasis on area sources.

    Insight Southeast Asia

    Insight Southeast Asia is the bimonthly newsletter of the Southeast Asia & Oceania Centre, IDSA. It comprises special sections such as Country Profile, Commentary, Book Review, Photo-Essay and News Track. News Track includes important and referenced news summary pertaining to the eleven Southeast Asian countries and Oceania (including New Zealand and Australia).

    Iran Digest

    Iran Digest is a monthly compilation of important developments in Iranian security, foreign policy, economy, and domestic politics. As Iran is an important country in India’s extended neighbourhood, this digest intends to keep scholars and policymakers abreast of latest developments in the country. The information is drawn from primary and secondary sources, with special emphasis on regional sources.

    Jammu and Kashmir Digest

    The Jammu and Kashmir Digest is MP-IDSA’s monthly newsletter that features the success stories of social, cultural and economic development taking place in Jammu and Kashmir. The newsletter highlights the synergy between the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the welfare schemes of the government, aided by the civil society, military and security agencies, in enhancing peace, progress and prosperity across various sectors.

    Japan Digest

    Japan Digest is a monthly compilation of important developments in Japanese security, foreign policy, economy, and domestic politics. As India is increasingly engaging with Japan as a Special Strategic and Global Partner, it is imperative to keep abreast and develop a deeper understanding on the evolving policy trends in Japan.

    Non-Traditional Security Digest

    Non-Traditional Security Digest is an initiative of the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. It intends to cover non-traditional security issues in foreign and domestic affairs. This Digest is intended for policymakers and the academic community with knowledge and information on issues of climate change, water and energy security, the Arctic region and much more.

    Pakistan News Digest

    Pakistan News Digest is being brought out by the Pakistan Project team at MP-IDSA. The digest seeks to keep its focus on all round strategic developments taking place in Pakistan on a monthly basis. It culls out information and analyses from the Pakistani media— both English and vernacular— and provides a ready reference material for the wider strategic community. Given the strategic importance of Pakistan for India and the wider world, it is hoped that the digest will be received well by the readers.

    PoK News Digest

    POK NEWS DIGEST is IDSA's weekly newsletter comprising summaries of various developments, press releases and important statements made by leaders related to Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK), referred to as 'Azad' Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan by the Government of Pakistan. The POK NEWS DIGEST captures contemporary issues related to POK under the following categories:


    Strategic Digest

    Strategic Digest is a regular compilation of brief and crisp analyses of important developments impinging on India's foreign and security policies in the immediate and extended neighbourhood.

    Sylloge on China

    The China Sylloge is a joint initiative of the Center on Nuclear Issues and Arms Control of the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses and the Indian Pugwash Society. It tracks Chinese activities in nuclear, missile, advanced technology, and other security related issues.

    Sylloge on West Asia

    Sylloge on West Asia is an initiative of the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses under the Nuclear and Arms Control Centre which focuses on Nuclear and other armament issues in the West Asian region. The newsletter tracks technology development which may have implications for nuclear weapons and other armament build-up in the region.

    Terror Tracker

    Terror Tracker is a newsletter that zeroes in on recent terrorism-related activities and issues unfolding around the world. It even tracks and analyzes various counter-terrorism measures and campaigns at the international level. With particular focus on the South Asian region, the newsletter seeks to inform and update policy makers, security forces as well as the general public about the changing contours of the highly elusive, yet ever lurking global threat.

    West Asia Digest

    West Asia Digest is a monthly compilation of key developments in West Asia related to regional security, foreign policy, defence and economic issues and India’s relationship with the regional countries. Compiled by the West Asia Centre at the MP-IDSA, the aim of this newsletter is to apprise the Indian strategic community and the policy makers about trends in West Asia and their possible implications for India.