Vineeth Krishnan

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  • Assessing Continuities and Changes in Japan’s Space Security Blueprint 2023

    Japan announced its new space security blueprint in June 2023. The new blueprint lays down a ten-year roadmap for the country to enhance the utilization of space for its military. While the announcement has been widely perceived as a ‘first’, it is in fact a crystallization of Japan’s space security strategies over the last few decades. This article interprets the blueprint in light of Japan’s counterstrike doctrine. It traces Japan’s rise as a military space power since the 1970s and analyses its evolving approach to space security.

    September-October 2023

    Relevance of Montreal Protocol in the Contemporary Debates on the Use of Refrigerants

    The Montreal Protocol has been regarded as the most of effective international treaty mechanism of all time and it has been successful in handling the question of ozone depletion with the help of mechanisms like Multilateral Fund.