Raja Menon

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  • Raja Menon retired as Rear Admiral from the Indian Navy and was the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations) in 1994. He is the author of the book, Weapons of Mass Destruction: Options for India (Sage, New Delhi, 2004).

    Jointness in Strategic Capabilities: Can we avoid it?

    Jointness has so far eluded the Indian Armed Forces. All thinking officers in the services are aware that much more jointness cannot be avoided if the Indian Armed Forces are to retain their excellent reputation. But this thinking community often comes up abruptly against many senior officers who dissuade them from being idealistic, on the grounds that under the cloak of jointness, their individual services would suffer losses in men, responsibilities and budgeting.

    August 2007

    Nuclear Stability, Deterrence and Separation of India's Civil and Weapon Facilities

    The 18 July Bush-Manmohan Agreement is currently being implemented, in bits and pieces. At the time of the signing of the agreement it was stated by different officials that both governments would proceed to unilaterally implement the provisions that pertained to them and there would be no expectations of reciprocity.

    October 2005