Virander Kumar

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  • Col. Virander Kumar was Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. <a href="/profile/vkumar">Click here for detailed profile</a>.

    Theaterised Joint Logistics: A Caliberated Initiation

    Theaterised Joint Logistics: A Caliberated Initiation

    The most successful and efficient methodology being adopted by modern militaries is a logistics system based on theatre or theaterised logistics. In our case, there has hardly been any serious attempt to modify the logistics system which we inherited from the British. The monograph presents short term approach and a medium approach to bring in desired changes in our military logistics system after evaluating the need of the hour.


    Armies, Wars and their Food by D. Vijaya Rao

    For anyone to talk and write about wars, the basic predicament is how to create novelty of information since subjects related to wars and heroism are so well covered both in text and folklore. This is precisely the aspect where the author, D. Vijaya Rao, has been able to achieve distinction.

    July 2012

    Theaterised Joint Logistics: A Calliberated Approach Towards Initiation

    Fellows' Seminar
    March 09, 2012
    1030 to 1300 hrs

    Back to the Basics: Foot and Hoof Mobilty in the Mountains

    This Brief argues that foot mobility is central to mountain warfare. It first uses historical evidence to show the advantageous use of this capacity by the victor. It then argues for preserving this ‘military biodiversity’ by including indigenous breeds of animals.

    October 14, 2011


    China’s employment of a considerable force including Special Forces to cut off the limited axis of maintenance along with tactics of infiltration over a wide frontage would leave India at the receiving end.

    September 13, 2011