Q.623 Attack on Fishermen

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    Parliament Questions and Answers
    TO BE ANSWERED ON 28.07.2010


    Will the Minister of EXTERNAL AFFAIRS be pleased to state:

    (a) whether the Government is aware of the recent incidents of attack on Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy;
    (b) if so, the details thereof and the number of Indian fishermen killed/injured in the incident and also in the last three years;
    (c) whether the Union Government has taken up the matter with the Sri Lankan authorities for their safety and security and adequate compensation to the next of kin and injured;
    (d) if so, the details thereof; and
    (e) if not, the reasons therefor?


    (a) to (e) There have been media reports of recent attacks on Indian fishermen allegedly by Sri Lankan Naval personnel. In a recent incident, it was reported that one fisherman has been killed allegedly by Sri Lankan Naval personnel and three injured. However, Government of Sri Lanka have denied the allegations.

    In the last three years, since 2007, there have been 15 incidents of attack on Indian fishermen allegedly by Sri Lankan Naval personnel. During these incidents, 9 fishermen were reported to have been killed and 11 injured.
    We are constantly in touch with Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) on the issue of safety and security of our fishermen. Further, as soon as such incidents are brought to our notice, the matter is taken up immediately with Government of Sri Lanka on a priority basis. Keeping in mind the humanitarian and livelihood dimensions of the issue, on 26th October 2008, both sides agreed to put in place practical arrangements to deal with bonafide Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL). As part of these practical arrangements, it was decided that there will be no firing on Indian fishermen and vessels and Indian fishing vessels will not tread into sensitive areas designated by GoSL along its coastline. We have impressed on the Sri Lankan Navy to act with restraint, not fire on our fishermen and treat our fishermen in a humane manner.

    Lok Sabha

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