Pakistan Urdu Press: August 24-30, 2009
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  • Azkar, Editorial, August 25, 2009
    Adopt Socialism if you want to emulate China, Azkar advises Zardari: Azkar
    Commenting upon President Zardari’s remark during his China visit, in which he said he would wish Pakistan became as developed and prosperous as China, the Azkar daily in its editorial says that “just a wish can not make us as prosperous as China”. Pakistan would need a commitment to emulate China in each field. The left leaning daily reminds Pakistani leaders that “to achieve Chinese like development, the country needs a revolution, as Chinese development is based on people’s revolution. To strengthen Pakistan’s economy and alleviate poverty it has to adopt the same system which China adopted for its development and became an example for the world.” The paper says that “no doubt China made progress adopting a Socialist System and we should emulate that system only. If we emulate the present capitalist system of China it will only bring us unemployment, poverty and economic crisis.”
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    Jinnah, Opinion, August 25, 2009
    Jaswant Singh’s book an important document on partition: Professor Afraz Ahmad
    Showering praise on Jaswant Singh for his recent book on Jinnah and India’s independence, Professor Afraz Ahmad in an opinion Column in Jinnah Urdu daily says that the book will prove an important document on partition and origin of Pakistan. Ahmad says that “if narrow minded Indian historians and prejudiced Indian media accept the reality and existence of Pakistan and the capabilities of its leadership, as Advani, Vajpayee, and Jaswant Singh did, it will dispel misconception at the people’s level which would help restore a durable peace in the region in the true sense.

    Khabrein, Editorial, August 26, 2009
    Back channel diplomacy and CBMs are “outmoded”: Khabrein
    Launching a scathing attack on Nawaz Sharif over his interview to the Hindustan Times in which Sharif underlined the need to re-open back channel diplomacy on Kashmir, the Nawae Waqt Urdu daily says that he may be right that for peace in the region resolution of the Kashmir issue is needed but his insistence on back channel diplomacy and CBMs are “outmoded” which was neither successful earlier nor will it succeed in the future, because India considers Kashmir to be an integral part of its territory. The editorial says that Miyan Sahib tested this diplomacy through Niyaz Nayak and invited Vajpayee, ignoring the opposition from the people and the military leadership. Vajpayee agreed on the resolution of Kashmir but reviewed his position after returning to New Delhi.
    The daily opines that “back door diplomacy and the composite dialogue process have been used by India as delaying tactics for the resolution of Kashmir. The daily advises Nawaz Sharif to attune his stand with the national stand on Kashmir which is implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir and warns that if he gets himself trapped on the US’s agenda of cessation of hostility and CBMs, it will discourage Kashmiris who are fighting a war of liberation with India. As a result his public image will plummet among his own people.” The daily suggests Sharif not expect too much from the Indian leadership.
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    Expressr, Editorial, August 26, 2009
    India’s concern on Bhasaha amounts to intervention in Pakistan’s internal issue: Express
    Commenting upon India’s concern over construction of Bhasah dam in POK, the Express Urdu daily says that “India’s objection on Bhasha dam is unfounded as it is constructing a dam in its own territory. Such a concern by India amounts to intervention in Pakistan’s internal affairs.” The editorial suggests Pakistan not take Indian objections into consideration and proceed with the project in the supreme national interest so that the water and power crisis is solved in the country.
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    Jang, Editorial, August 26, 2009
    Evolve a new Afghan policy: Jang
    Ahead of the Afghanistan election result, the Jang Urdu daily has advised Pakistan to evolve a new Afghan policy. The daily opines that chances of Karzai backtracking from his earlier allegation that Pakistan was responsible for Afghanistan’s internal problems and threatened dire consequences, are bright. The daily says that there are chances of clashes among the supporters of Abdullah Abdullah and Karzai and if it happens in the adjoining areas of Pakistan, it will a have larger ramification on Pakistan’s security. The editorial says that the Afghan infiltrators, who enjoy support from RAW, Mossad, and Afghan agencies, are responsible for the chaotic situation in FATA currently. If Karzai comes back to power, the situation in FATA may worsen. 
    The editorial says that since the US’s allies do not support the US’s Afghan policy; Pakistan should also rethink its policy in its national security interest. The daily suggests the government start consultations with all political parties and resolve its differences before it formulates a new policy on Afghanistan.

    Azkar, Editorial, August 26, 2009
    Order Parliamentary probe to investigate 1992 Karachi operation: Azkar
    Commenting upon General (R) Naseer Akhtar and ISI’s senior officer Brigadier ( R ) Imteyaz Ahmad’s revelation  that they did not discover any map of Jinnahpur during the operation of 1992 and that it was a concocted story, the Azkar daily in its editorial says that parliament should order an enquiry following this statement and probe the role of Brigadier (R) Imteyaz Ahmad and other military officers role in derailing democracy in the country. The editorial says it is possible former military officials have revealed half the truth, the masses wants to know the entire truth behind the 1992 Karachi operation.
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    Ajkal daily, editorial, August 27, 2009
    Capitalize the situation of tussle of power within TTP to defeat Taiban: Ajkal Daily
    Commenting upon the vacuum in the leadership of Tehreeke Taliban Pakistan (TTP) after the death of Beitullah Mehsud, the Ajkal daily in its editorial suggests the Pakistani government think of strategies to capitalize the situation and completely destroy the TTP. Analysing the situation after the death of Beitullah the newspaper opines that  “Hakimullah Mehsud (the new TTP Chief) can control tribal regions but as compared to Beitullah, he had less armed fighters under his command…Waliurrahman will be his Vice Chief but his control on South Waziristan will remain as earlier.”
    Analyzing the present power structure within TTP the daily hints at a tussle for power between Hakimullah and Waliurrahman and suggests the government capitalize on the situation in its favour.
    The daily says that “public opinion (on action against the Taliban) is divided into two categories. The first one suggests that operations advance while the second group of people recommend a more cautious approach and confine combat to ‘highly independent tribal areas’”. The paper opines that if there are concerns that an advancement into South Waziristan will generate such resentment among the tribals which Pakistan cannot deal with, then why not think of an operation outside Waziristan which would lead to tension between Hakimullah and Waliurrahman? 
    The paper says that it is not true that Pakistani forces have not launched operations in highly independent tribal regions. It has achieved success in Bajour and Malakand. The paper says that before both the Taliban leaders reconcile and TTP goes, it should evolve a strategy and launch operations against the Taliban.
    In conclusion the Ajkal daily says that there would be no importance of a real democracy in Islamabad, if the Taliban is not defeated and the writ of the government on the tribal region is not restored. The daily says that this is the time to analyze the schism within the Taliban and give a final blow to it so that it never poses a challenge to the government.
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    Nawae Waqt, editorial, August 27, 2009
    Do not wait for another donour conference, reconstruct the nation: Nawae Waqt
    Analyzing the outcome of Friends of Pakistan conference in Istanbul, the Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily says that “the Istanbul Conference has exposed the truth that those who pushed Pakistan into the war on terror have not fulfilled their promise and according to the Foreign Minister we have received only 300 million dollars of aid.” The paper says that this indicates “failure of our Foreign policy and teaches us a lesson that jumping in others fire results in self immolation.”
    The daily suggests the Pakistani government rely on its own resources to solve problems of people displaced during the Swat operation and should not wait for another donor conference. It should give up the role of a frontline ally of the US and reconstruct the nation based on self reliance.
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    Nawa-e-Waqt, Editorial, August 30, 2009
    Prosecute Musharraf; respect the public opinion expressed through Gallop Opinion Polls: Nawae Waqt
    Analyzing a recently conducted survey by the Gallup Poll, the Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily in its editorial says that 71 percent of Pakistanis are in favour of Musharraf’s trial and the poll by the Gallup should be taken seriously as it is a reliable institution. The daily says that Musharraf has executed a heinous crime by attacking the Lal Mosque, breaking the Constitution, killing Nawab Akbar Bugti and selling the country to the US. In the past military rulers have perpetrated such crimes but they were saved because the military was not in favour of their prosecution. But today’s situation is different, even some of his ex-military colleagues are in favour of putting him on trial.
    The daily suggests the government respect public opinion expressed through the Gallop Opinion Polls and says if it hesitates to do so it will give people a kind of signal that the government is trying to save a criminal.    
    ( -daily-urdu-online/Opinions/Editorials/30-Aug-2009/4033)