Pakistan Urdu Press: May 11-17, 2010
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  • Nawa-e- Waqt, Editorial, May 10, 2010

    Clinton’s remarks on the Times Square Plot is an open challenge to Pakistan’s sovereignty: Nawa-e- Waqt

    Pakistani Urdu newspapers have reacted very harshly over US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks following failed bombing in Time Square where she reportedly warned Pakistan of severe consequences if it is found to be involved in such incidents in future. The editorial of Nawae Waqt Urdu Daily says that “Clinton has said in a TV interview that Faisal Shezad, involved in Time Square’s failed bombing plot, was trained in Pakistan and if in near future similar incident takes place, Pakistan would face severe consequence.” The editorial quotes her as saying that “in past, Pakistan played a double game with us, paid lip services and took very little steps to eliminate terrorism.” The editorial also quotes her as suggesting that “Pakistan should broaden its war on terror from Afghan border upto Punjab.”

    “Clinton’s remark is an open challenge to our sovereignty and independence,” opines the Daily. In this context, the editorial suggests the Pakistan government that “it is enough; we should stop taking diktat from the US since Pakistan is a nuclear capable state.”

    The Daily says that Faisal Shehzad is a US citizen and Pakistan can not be made responsible for the plot simply because he made various visits to Pakistan before the incident. The editorial states that many US citizens keep visiting Pakistan. It is the responsibility of US intelligence to keep a tab on their movements and thus the incident at the Times Square is a failure of their intelligence agencies.

    Ausaf, Editorial, May 10, 2010

    Times Square Plot; a self orchestrated drama to create more pressure on Pakistan, says Ausaf

    The Ausaf Urdu Daily begins its editorial on a similar note. Reacting to the remarks of US Secretary of State, the Daily says that those are aimed at “blackmailing Pakistan to do more (in the war against terrorism) and extend it to Punjab.” The Daily dubs the Times Square incident as self orchestrated drama by the United States to create more pressure on Pakistan. It suggests Pakistan to seek access to Faisal Shehzad to reveal the truth and clear all the doubts. At the same time, the Daily says that if the incident is real, it is Shehzad’s personal act. Then there is no reason for Pakistan state to be blamed for it. “US Citizens execute different kinds of crimes in different parts of the world but the US as a state is never held responsible, then why the US secretary of State is blaming Pakistan and threatening the nation as a whole,” asks the Daily.

    Thus, the Daily says that “by following US orders to do more in the war against terror, we have destroyed ourselves” and suggests the government to tell the US that it can not do more.”

    Mashriq, Editorial, May 12, 2010

    Times Square Plot; Clinton’s allegation and threats are baseless: Mashriq

    Commenting on the Hillary Clinton’s remarks, the editorial of Mashriq Urdu Daily says that “it is a fact that Pakistan has played more role than the US in the region in the fight against terrorism and has also suffered more losses than anyone else. Thus, Clinton’s allegation and threats are baseless.”

    The Daily opines that the war against terrorism is prolonging because of US’s wrong policies and says that Al-Qaeda, Afghan Mujahideen and Taliban are products of the US and at one point of time every one of them has enjoyed patronage from the US. The Daily suggests that “if the US wants success in war against terrorism, it should review its policies as well as fully cooperate with Pakistan. It should not shy away from providing drone technology which Pakistan has been demanding from long.”

    Azkar, Editorial, May 12, 2010

    By criticizing Pakistan through media Clinton has maligned Pakistan’s image: Azkar

    The Azkar Urdu Daily has also written an editorial on remarks by US Secretary of State following the attempted bombing at Times Square but it looks at the comment that Pakistani authorities know about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and Mulla Umar. The Daily says that “if the she believe that there are officials in Pakistani government who are aware of hideouts of Mullah Umar and Osama bin Laden, she should have made the complaints to the Prime Minister or the President of Pakistan.” “By openly criticizing Pakistan in the media she has maligned the image of Pakistan. It is regrettable,” says the Azkar Daily in its editorial.

    The Daily suggests government of Pakistan to “ask the Secretary of State to name the officials in Pakistani government who in her opinion know the whereabouts of these elusive leaders. If she fails to establish the fact, she should take her words back and apologise to Pakistan.” But the Daily adds that “if really, there are elements in Pakistani government who have links with Al-qaeda and Taliban and know their hideouts then it is intolerable. Because this is not only an American problem, it is the issue of terrorism which is intolerable for us in every manifestation.”

    Pakistan Pulse

    Pakistan should end its cooperation to the US: Opinion Poll

    An opinion poll, conducted after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comment, suggests that majority of Pakistani people believe that Pakistan should end its cooperation with the US following the warning. The Asas Urdu Daily asked “should Pakistan continue its cooperation with the US?” A majority of 8021 respondents responded in negative while only 1829 respondents said yes.

    Q. Should Pakistan continue its cooperation with the US? (Poll Conducted on May 15, 2010)

    There would be no breakthrough in India-Pakistan’s Foreign Minister’s meeting: Opinion Poll
    At the backdrop of the reports that the India and Pakistani foreign Ministers are likely to meet to discuss various issues, the Asas Daily tried to asses Pakistani people’s expectations from this high level meeting. There seems to be consensus that there would be no breakthrough during the meeting.

    Q. Do you think that there would be a breakthrough in the India-Pakistan’s Foreign Minister’s meeting? ( Poll Conducted on May 12, 2010)