Pakistan Urdu Press: June 2-7, 2010
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  • Nawae Waqt, Editorial, June 5, 2010

    Expedite “diplomatic strategy” to stop India from gaining permanent membership of the UNSC: Nawae Waqt

    The Nawae Waqt Urdu daily has expressed unease over US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks in which she said that the US is considering supporting India’s candidature for permanent membership of the UN Security Council. The daily says that “statements from Obama administration in the presence of India’s Minister of External Affairs that it considers India as an emerging responsible power clears our doubt that the US and India do not only considers themselves natural partners but their interests for the region are also converging.”

    The daily further opines that “this situation should be an eye opener for Pakistani ruling elites. If India becomes a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Pakistan will not be able to effectively raise its voice regarding UN resolutions on Kashmir.” The daily suggests that the Pakistan government should expedite its “diplomatic strategy” to energise the anti-India lobby in the UN and make them aware of India’s “expansive designs.” They should also be made aware that if the US succeeds in making India a permanent member of the UNSC it will change the balance of power. The daily believes that as a counter strategy all Muslim countries should unite against US-Israel-India trilateral and form a block and this Islamic block “should be aligned with China.” The daily states that “this is the opportune time to withdraw from US’s war (against terrorism) and align Pakistan’s regional and strategic interests with China.”

    Khabrein, Editorial, June 7, 2010

    100 billion rupees increase in the defence budget is insufficient: Khabrein

    Pakistan’s vernacular press has expressed mix reactions over the national financial budget for the coming year, especially regarding the allocation for defence, which was presented in the National Assembly recently. The Khabrein Urdu daily commenting on the budget says that an increase of 100 billion rupees in the defence budget for fiscal 2010-11 is “insufficient” considering the present situation. The daily says that the increase is likely to be insufficient given that the value of the rupee has depreciated against the dollar in which defence-related trade occurs. “This year only 442 billion rupees have been allocated to the defence budget despite the concern expressed by Prime Minister Geelani about India’s military doctrine. In a situation where Pakistan faces challenges to its security internally and externally India poses challenges to its security, and the value of the Pakistani rupee is depreciating, an increase of only 100 billion rupees is insufficient.”

    Nawae Waqt, editorial, June 7, 2010

    An increase in defence budget is natural: Nawae Waqt

    The Nawae Waqt Urdu daily welcomed the increase in the defence budget. It stated that “in the federal budget there has been 29 per cent increase (some news reports, however, say that it is only 17 per cent increase) in the allocation of defence budget as compared to last year. We can question the transparency of the budget. But since we are besieged by our enemies and the way India is increasing its defence capabilities, an increase in our defence budget is not unnatural.”

    Express, editorial, June 7, 2010

    Increase in defence is needed to maintain balance against India: Express

    The Express Urdu daily criticises the government for not presenting a people-friendly budget but justifies the increase in defence budget. It says that Rs. 442 billion has been allocated for defence, which is a 100 billion rupee increase in comparison to last year’s defence budget. Justifying the increase it says that “it was necessary for two reasons: one, Pakistan is continuously waging war against homegrown terrorism which needs additional funds. Second, our neighbour India is increasing its defence budget and to maintain balance it is necessary to allocate more funds on defence.”

    Jinnah Urdu daily, editorial, June 7, 2010

    An increase in Pakistan’s defence budget was need of the hour: Jinnah Urdu daily

    The Jinnah Urdu daily while assessing the budget appreciated the government’s decision to earmark more funds for defence. The daily says that “considering India’s increasing defence budget and military preparedness an increase in Pakistan’s defence budget was need of the hour. It is important for Pakistan to equip its forces with new technologies and equipment.” The daily also highlights that Pakistan needs more funds for its defence as it is busy against the extremist forces in tribal regions and justifies the increase in defence budget for meeting these “challenges.”