Autonomous Weapons

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  • Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems under Existing Norms of International Humanitarian Law

    This article explores the position of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) under the existing rules of international humanitarian law (IHL). It argues that though the existing rules of IHL are sufficient for certain weapons systems, there is a need to develop new rules for fully autonomous weapons systems. The author makes a case that the call for a blanket ban on LAWS in general is premature and the expected use of such weapons must be acknowledged before such a ban is considered.

    July-September 2020

    Automation of Kill Cycle: On the Verge of Conceptual Changeover

    Considering the loss of tactical advantage that would come about by not adopting automation and autonomous weapon systems in future, militaries would invariably be obligated to adopt the concept of full automation while keeping humans on the loop.

    January 24, 2020