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  • Iran Elections: And the winner is…

    The presidential elections come at a time when Iran is reeling under the pressure of sanctions and having been isolated in the region with the rise of Sunni Islamism.

    June 13, 2013

    Pakistan elections: Implications for domestic and foreign policy

    Nawaz Sharif having expressed his intentions of improving relations with India will try to give trade a big push. Yet, one should not expect policy changes related to terrorism targeted at India or its aversion to India’s presence in Afghanistan.

    May 13, 2013

    Pakistan Elections: Making Sense of the Mandate

    The new government to be led by Nawaz Sharif will have to tread a very difficult path to manage, if not solve, the monumental problems that confront the Pakistani state and society.

    May 13, 2013

    The TTP Factor in Pakistani Elections

    What we are seeing in Pakistan is the ushering in of an anti-democratic Islamic order through the ballot box. What is more, the Pakistan Army has decided to also indirectly ensure that Islam is never “taken out of Pakistan”.

    May 10, 2013

    Ifs and buts of Pakistan’s coming elections

    With an expected fractured poll results, Pakistan is further heading towards uncertainty. The question is not so much as to who forms the next government but more importantly on how it functions. Chances are that the May 11 elections could well end up making Pakistan further ungovernable.

    May 09, 2013

    Tunisia's shaky transition

    Constant bickering between Islamist and secular leaders has resulted in deadlock over the new constitution. The Ennahda-led government has been caught between the rock and a hard place, having to deal with increased hostility of the Salafi jihadist movement while at the same being accused of being lenient by the secularists.

    April 22, 2013

    Manipur: Post-Assembly Elections 2012

    The Ibobi dispensation would do well to understand that the people have reiterated their faith in democracy and have cold shouldered the militants, if not politely shown them the door.

    April 16, 2012

    Exciting times for Taiwan

    Like in earlier elections in Taiwan this time too the polls are a close contest both at the Presidential and Parliamentary levels.

    January 13, 2012

    ‘Peace Talks’ in Assam’s Post Election Scenario

    Returning for a third consecutive term the Tarun Gogoi government in Assam should now confront and resolve the sensitive Internal Security Challenges from the perspective of ‘peace talks’ as against the victims’ right to justice

    May 16, 2011

    Terrorism and Electoral Politics in Assam

    While the study of electoral politics in the North East explains how democracy can absorb former rebels, it fails to answer the critical question of the victims’ right to justice.

    March 11, 2011