Kapil Patil

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  • Kapil Patil is an Intern at the Indian Pugwash Society, New Delhi.

    Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and Civil Nuclear Liability

    The Right of Recourse embedded in the Indian nuclear liability law has ensured that more than four years after the NSG granted exemption to enable nuclear commerce with India, India has not been able to finalise a single contract with any of the countries with which it has signed nuclear cooperation agreements for any nuclear facility.

    November 09, 2012

    Japan’s Nuclear Crisis and Analysis of Radiation Data as on 18/03/2011

    The possibility of situation worsening can not be ruled out. However, it would be counter-productive to create panic by speculating only worst case scenario.

    March 18, 2011

    India and Counterinsurgency: Lessons Learned by Sumit Ganguly and David P. Fidler (eds.)

    Routledge, Oxon, 2009, 256 pp., $120.00, ISBN 978-0-415-49103-7

    January 2011

    Detonating Chemical Weapons: Technology and Safety Paradox

    The US Army’s decision to use controlled detonation through EDTs could complete the destruction task earlier than the current methods allow. EDTs are the appropriate supplements to current methods of neutralization followed by bio-treatment. US Army requires working in close cooperation with resident groups by effectively demonstrating them the technology that could address their concerns over environment and safety.

    April-June 2010