The Terror Scenario in Europe

Alok Rashmi Mukhopadhyay was Associate Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile.
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  • April 2004

    Suicide bombings in Jammu and Kashmir are patterned on Palestinian methods established that those actually originated in Europe and thus added an intriguing component to the Indian terror scenario. Mainly, the European intelligence agencies have closely observed the terror scenario in Europe as an international phenomenon, its causes, ramifications as well as the recruitment procedure. This paper is an attempt to present an overview of the causes, complexities, and dynamics in European terror scenario and of two important Europe-based global actors, whose activities were found to be anti-India or would have future security implications for South Asia. The paper would also seek to present the steps taken by the major European governments at the societal level and the measures taken by their respective security apparatus individually or collectively, especially in the aftermath of March 11 terrorist attacks in Madrid.

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