From 7 March to Independence (Sat-e-March Theke Swadhinata) (In Bengali)

November 2021
Book Review

Independence is a man’s birthright that helps people to express themselves within the contours of family, state and society. The lack of freedom leads to the insecurity that he strives to escape from. The paucity of political freedom is largely associated with the independence of a state in which people usually live in a state of captivity, in mass deprivation and persecution. To tackle these issues of dispossession and exploitation, revolutionaries emerge on the scene with charismatic words, values and acts, with the motive of emancipating people. In the context of Bangladesh, these three captivating phenomena i.e., words, values and acts appeared to come together in the catalytic role of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation. Bangabandhu’s value-based statements were reflected by his historic speech on 7 March 1971, which is considered to be the clarion call for inspiring the demeaned people of Bangladesh to participate in the War of Liberation. People irrespective of creed, colour, religion and race considered every word of this historic annunciation as the beacon light to relieve them from West Pakistan’s exploitation and atrocity. Of course, the then East Pakistan’s people imbibed this statement in the core of their hearts and fought against the West Pakistani Army to liberate Bangladesh as an independent nation-state.