Journal of Defence Studies, Volume 17, Number 4, October–December 2023 (Special Issue)
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  • Special Issue: Air Power and India: Multi-dimensional Trends




    Exploring Multi-dimensional Trends for the Indian Air Force
    - Swaim Prakash Singh

    Air Superiority: Myth, Magic or Panacea—Air Power’s Quest for Control of the Air
    - Ajay Ahlawat

    The Need for ‘Inclusiveness’ in the Conceptual Understanding of Air Power: The Indian Case
    - Rahul Manohar Yelwe and Arun Vishwanathan

    Centre of Gravity and the Targeting Conundrum
    - Kamran Nazeer

    Sovereignty of Territory and Beyond: A Fresh Perspective
    - Pankaj Dhiman

    UAVs and Air Power: Role of UAVs in Future Warfare
    - Ashminder Singh Bahal

    Synergistic Applications of Autonomous UCAVs, Swarm Robotics and Cloud Computing in Future Air Warfare
    - Shaurya Dhakate

    Unmanned Aerial Systems and the Threat of Non-State Actors: Challenges and Prospects for India
    - Mukesh Kumar

    Integral Air Support to Land Operations: A Futuristic Perspective
    - Akshat Upadhyay

    Game Theory Based Aerial Sensor Deployment and Patrol Planning for Counter-Insurgency Operations
    - Prashant Channappa Mural and Rathna GN

    Dynamic Maritime Airspace Management: The Philosophy for an AI Environment
    - Johnson Odakkal and Neeraj Singh Manhas

    Maximising Civil–Military Fusion for Indian Airlift: Requisition and Beyond
    - Armaan Jena

    Air Power and HADR: Defining the Role of the Indian Air Force in Disaster Management in India
    - Pintu Kumar Mahla

    Operation Cactus: India’s First Rapid Reaction Strategic Mission in the Neighbourhood
    - Gulbin Sultana


    Rethinking ‘Air Power’ for the Governance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in India
    - Dnyanada Palkar and Devyani Pande

    Thorough Analysis of Predictive Maintenance for the Operation and Maintenance of Military Aircraft
    - Om Ranjan

    Guidelines for Contributors