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NEPAL: New Left-Wing Extremism and Impending Threat

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  • March 20, 2020

    Research Fellow, Manohar Parrikar IDSA, Dr. Nihar R. Nayak’s commentary on Nepal, titled ‘NEPAL: New Left-Wing Extremism and Impending Threat’ has been published by the Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict (SSPC) on March 20, 2020.

    Nepal government’s decision to impose a ban on the Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand alias Biplab, known as CPN (Chand), a renegade Maoist faction, completed one year on March 12, 2020. Will the movement replicate the 1996-People’s War? This is a question being debated widely in Nepal at the moment, writes Dr. Nayak.

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