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India and the Pacific Ocean: The “Act East” Between Trade, Infrastructure and Security

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  • February 01, 2019

    Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Jagannath Panda's Chapter on India and the Pacific Ocean, titled ‘India and the Pacific Ocean: The "Act East" Between Trade, Infrastructure and Security’ has been published in Axel Berkofsky and Sergio Miracola (eds.) ‘Geopolitics by Other Means: The Indo-Pacific’ in ISPI Report on February 01, 2019.

    Dr Panda argues that as India’s ‘Act East’ policy is witnessing changes in political, economic, and security outreach in the larger Indo-Pacific calculus, the Pacific Ocean will undoubtedly continue to grow as an important geo-strategic maritime region in Indian policy configuration. India’s growing adherence to the Pacific world is an undertaking moving beyond limited engagement in the immediate maritime periphery and enriching its overall Indo-Pacific stature as a power through improved presence in the Pacific Ocean and particularly, among the Pacific Island Countries (PICs).

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