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How “Eternal” Is the Sino-DPRK Alliance?

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  • June 30, 2021

    Research Fellow, Manohar Parrikar IDSA, Dr. Jagannath Panda's Commentary ‘How "eternal" is the Sino-DPRK Alliance?’ has been published in the 38 North at Stimson Centre.

    The commentary argues that for both China and the DPRK, their Treaty of Friendship remains vital as a tool for engaging with the US and ROK on more favorable terms, and its renewal is inevitable. While it is unlikely for significant changes to emerge from this year’s renewal, it will likely face major challenges over the next 20 years owing to changed political realities, opening the door to its amendment. Although China will not allow outside pressure to destabilize the regime in North Korea, it is an increasingly reluctant ally to the DPRK. Moving forward, Beijing will seek to redraw the treaty in its favor.

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