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Nuclear India – A Decade Later

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  • May 26, 2009
    Only by Invitation
    1100 hrs

    IDSA Nuclear Issues Workshop/Roundtable Series 2009-10

    Venue: IDSA Seminar Room, 1 Development Enclave, Delhi Cantonment

    Today, nuclear issues are once again gaining prominence. Issues relating to nuclear proliferation would take the centre stage and India would sooner or later be called upon to review its position on both the NPT and the CTBT. The pressure on these two issues can have far-reaching implications for India.

    India would have to steer a rational course to ensure that its vital interests are protected. But the policy would have to be well articulated. IDSA is proposing to host a series of workshops/roundtables designed to enrich the debate.

    The first roundtable of the series, titled “Nuclear India – a decade later” will be held on 26th of May 2009 at 1100hrs in the IDSA Seminar Room, to coincide with India’s nuclear tests of 1998 which heralded the recognition of India as a nuclear power. Eleven years after the India nuclear tests in May 1998, it is imperative to examine how far India has progressed in setting up a credible minimum deterrent, and on how effective has been India’s nuclear deterrence capability. Similarly, it has to be debated whether India’s nuclear doctrines and postures have been effective enough, and whether they have served the purpose of going nuclear.

    Well-known experts primarily based in Delhi will join these deliberations. Shri. K Santhanam will chair the first of the series on 26th May. Prof. Amitabh Mattoo, Prof. Bharat Karnad and Air Marshal T M Asthana will speak on the topic.