Scheme for Outsourcing of Research Projects
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  • With a view to encouraging research work by experts and scholars not in the employment of IDSA, a scheme has been approved by the Executive Council to outsource research projects. In accordance with the approved scheme, the Institute invites scholars and experts to submit proposals for undertaking research projects as per details below:

    Ser Project Number of words Time Compensation
    1 Book 80,000-100,000 18 months Rs 300,000/-
    2 Monograph 40,000 One year Rs 50,000/-
    3 Occasional Paper 20,000-25,000 Six months Rs 25,000/-
    Note – Time frame may be extended by six months keeping in view the nature of the project.

    The compensation would be paid in installments as follows:
    (a) Signing amount - 20%
    (b) Submission of detailed outline of project - 20%
    (c) Submission of manuscript for anonymous review – 20%
    (d) Submission of revised manuscript – 25%
    (e) Publication of the work – 15%

    Interested scholars/experts are invited to submit their proposals. The institute would, however, be free to invite well known scholars to undertake such projects. The following may be submitted either by email to or sent by post to the IDSA address:

    1. CV to include personal details, educational qualifications, scholarly distinctions, publications, professional experience and contact details.
    2. Writing samples and one passport size photo.
    3. Details of proposal, to include the following, in about 1000 words:
      1. Justification of the proposed research, including a literature review and pointing out the gaps, if possible.
      2. Objective of the paper/study, the research questions to be addressed, and the analytical framework.
      3. Main testable hypothesis.
      4. Methodology
      5. Research output and policy relevance, and
      6. Bibliography

    Shortlisted proposals shall be reviewed for selection by an expert panel.