Anuradha Mitra

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  • Anuradha Mitra is an Additional Financial Adviser and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defence (Finance), New Delhi.

    Complex Project Management: An Appropriate Monitoring/Evaluation / Course Correction Methodology

    Avoid persecution of the responsible parties if there are overruns, otherwise in future the managers will be reluctant to give any information for fear that it will be held against them. Project control should be seen as a tool to assist managers reach their objectives, not as a weapon of attack.

    January 2010

    A Survey of Successful Offset Experiences Worldwide

    In venturing to write about successful offset policy and experience in different countries, the basic problem faced is that of unavailability of data. There are no universally laid down parameters or measures to weigh the costs and benefits of offset programmes. Even if some countries have individually undertaken an exercise to evaluate such costs and benefits, the information is not always available in the public domain. Cross country comparisons would also not yield consistent results.

    January 2009