S.R.R. Aiyengar

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  • Lieutenant General (Retd.) S.R.R. Aiyengar is a former Commandant of National
    Defence College, New Delhi, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington (Niligiris)
    and the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering, Mhow (MP).

    Ethics and Military Leadership

    ‘Ethics’ derived from the Greek word ‘Ethicos’, means character or manners and guide actions thereby becoming a ‘normative discipline’. Military Ethics applies to a specialized realm and has developed principles appropriate to it over time to help guide future operations. The armed forces must be always ethically led to uphold the defence of the nation and its national interests. Ethical leadership embodying the ideals of the profession of arms entails creating ethical command climates that set the conditions for positive outcomes and ethical behaviour.

    April 2013

    Exploiting The Electro-magnetic Spectrum In Jointmanship

    Military Operations are executed in an increasingly complex Electro- Magnetic (EM) environment. Electronic Warfare (EW) is a military capability that must be integrated into a given military operation as it supports all phases and aspects of the campaign. This is equally applicable in the planning and conduct of joint operations.Is has become the principal means waging and winning a war.

    August 2007