Arun Prakash

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  • Admiral (Retd.) Arun Prakash is a former Chairman, COSC and Chief of Naval Staff. In
    October 2001, he was appointed the first Commander-in-Chief of the newly created Unified Andaman & Nicobar Command.

    Roots of Moral Decline in the Armed Forces: Time to Reclaim our Izzat

    The precipitate decline in moral and ethical values, as well as the steep fall in standards of private and public conduct, in recent years, has been accompanied by a concurrent erosion of values amongst India’s military personnel. Consequently, the armed forces, which were once considered exemplars of ethical conduct, discipline and decency, are rapidly slipping in the estimation of their countrymen.

    April 2013

    A Call for Change: Higher Defence Management in India

    A Call for Change: Higher Defence Management in India

    This monograph examines higher defence management and defence reforms in India. It deliberately coincides with Cabinet discussing the Report of Naresh Chandra Committee on defence reforms and aims to initiate a debate on higher defence management and civil-military relations.


    India’s Higher Defence Organisation: Implications for National Security and Jointness

    In the minds of the average person on the street, one suspects that the phrase “higher defence organization” evokes an intimidating vision of row upon row of be-medalled and be-whiskered Generals, with the dark shadowy figure of a “soldier on horseback” (that mythical usurper of power) looming in the background.

    August 2007