Pakistan-US Relations

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  • US–Pakistan Equations at a Crossroads

    US–Pakistan relations have witnessed upheavals in the past; the US’ exit from Afghanistan is the latest in the series of inflection points in their relationship. However, irrespective of the escalatory war of words sometimes, the nature of US–Pakistan relationship of convenience is likely to keep them strategically aligned in the future as well.

    September 17, 2021

    US-Pakistan ties at a crossroads

    Pakistan’s responses with reference to the US encouraging India to play a greater role in Afghanistan raise an intriguing question: were Trump’s statements on India part of a gambit to extract cooperation from Pakistan?

    September 11, 2017

    Vivek Kumar Nag asked: America supports Pakistan financially and militarily on the one hand, and stands together with India on the other. What exactly is the American position on Pakistan-sponsored terrorist attacks in India?

    Alok Deb replies: The biggest asset that Pakistan possesses is its location - a bridge towards West Asia through Iran, towards Central Asia and Russia through Afghanistan, and towards China through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Also, it shares a land border with India and has direct access to the waters of the Indian Ocean. These regions have traditionally been vital to Western strategic interests.

    Growing American Interest in Pakistan occupied Kashmir

    The US seems to be devising a multi-pronged agenda to deal with the growing Chinese influence in PoK, to compel Pakistani acquiescence in the ongoing stabilisation efforts in Afghanistan and ensure its long term presence in the region.

    July 17, 2012

    NATO Supply-Lines: Crocodile Tears and India Dilute Pakistan’s Ghairat

    Regardless of the spin and gloss that Pakistan puts on the decision to re-open NATO supply lines to Afghanistan, it was in large measure the result of sustained US economic, political and diplomatic pressure.

    July 06, 2012

    Gaurav asked: Should India leverage the tensions in Pakistan-US relations to widen the rift, or should it adhere to principles of non-interference in the bilateral relations of its neighbours?

    Priyanka Singh replies: Before we get down to weighing whether India could take advantage of the current rift between US and Pakistan, it is imperative to examine whether India actually has the leverage to do so. As far as Pakistan and the larger issue of terrorism are concerned, India recently met with a degree of disappointment. USA’s reluctance and delay to allow Indian investigation agencies access David Headly and failure to persuade Pakistan to handover Mumbai perpetrators to India have shown certain limitations inherent in India-US relations. Much has been talked about de-hyphation of India and Pakistan by US but the fact remains, Pakistan is crucial to India-US relations and so are US-Pakistan relations to India.

    US Pakistan relations have become discordant as US has taken a more strident stand on Pakistan’s duplicitous role in the fight against the Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Meanwhile, India has been closely observing the developments across its western border. India probably realizes that its stand against Pakistan abetting terrorism and using it as a state policy stands vindicated. All these years India has been constantly raising the issue with US, but without much impact.

    The best approach for India (which is being practiced currently) is to wait and watch. For now, India needs to insulate its borders with Pakistan and simultaneously secure its interests in Afghanistan which face constant threat from Pakistan’s ISI. Digressing from its traditional policy of non interference would not give any added strategic dividends to India presently. Hence, as events unfold in the region India should just keep a careful watch on them so that it could act in a timely manner and effectively, if needed.

    Prognosis for Pakistan 2012

    The outlook for Pakistan in the year 2012 is rather negative diplomatically, economically, politically, socially, culturally, and militarily.

    December 13, 2011

    Whither Aid? Future of US Assistance to Pakistan

    Post 9/11, accepting the indispensability of Pakistan in solving the Afghan problem, US sanctioned massive flow of aid in Pakistan. Having committed substantial amount of aid henceforth, US feels its security objectives and efforts are frustrated by Pakistan’s duplicitous acts in the war against terror. In the wake of the Osama killing, US policy makers are debating how to devise an aid policy which could strike balance between short term objectives of counter terrorism and long term goal of stabilizing Pakistan by making aid more development oriented.

    October 2011

    Flailing America Vs Failing Pakistan

    Until the US figures out an answer to the larger Pakistan problem, like India it too will have to resist the temptation of responding to Pakistani provocation with force.

    October 03, 2011

    Osama’s Killing: Regional Implications

    The elimination of Osama, though a great feat by the US special forces, will largely be a symbolic event – terrorism is unlikely to end and the situation in Af-Pak is not likely to improve.

    May 03, 2011