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  • China’s Subsurface Presence in the Indian Ocean and India’s Options

    Enhanced naval capabilities, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive underwater domain awareness (UDA) will be key to coping with the challenges of Chinese subsurface presence in the Indian Ocean Region.

    July 11, 2024

    Sino-US Diplomatic Engagement and Crisis Prevention

    Sino-US diplomatic engagement has been successful in fostering a modicum of stability between the two countries, despite significant contentions.

    July 08, 2024

    China’s Pivot to ASEAN for BRI Reboot

    Geo-political, geo-economic as well as ecological factors will increasingly impact the implementation of new BRI projects in ASEAN region.

    May 24, 2024

    Indian and Chinese Approaches to United Nations Peacekeeping in Africa

    This monograph delves into Indian and Chinese approaches to UN peacekeeping in Africa, offering insights into how these rising powers interact with African nations. It analyzes their motivations and guiding principles in peacekeeping on the continent, comparing their approaches and highlighting differences in scope and impact.


    Security Threats to the Chinese Nationals in Pakistan

    Repeated attacks on Chinese nationals on Pakistani soil is seen as a critical challenge for continued China–Pakistan economic cooperation.

    April 19, 2024

    Influence Operations: The Sharp Power of Non-Kinetic Subversion

    Influence Operations refers to the use of non-military means of Ipsychological, informational and political influence and subversion to undermine the security and governance of a targeted country. Revolutionised by 21st century Information Communication Technology (ICT), Influence Operations (or simply IOs) have today developed into a highly insidious, cost-effective and often non-attributable forms of hybrid warfare.


    The Dynamics of the India–US–China Triad

    The manner in which the India–China–United States trilateral dynamics play out will have a significant bearing on the stability and shape of the regional and international order.

    March 20, 2024

    Pacific Media: A New Arena of Competition between the United States and China

    The media landscape in the Pacific Island countries is vulnerable to Chinese influence given the developmental needs and lack of robust regulatory mechanisms.

    March 12, 2024

    China–United States Science and Technology Agreement at the Crossroads

    The Biden administration’s decision to temporarily extend the 1979 Science and Technology Agreement (STA) with China by six months in August 2023 came against the backdrop of apprehensions over Chinese technology theft.

    March 08, 2024

    Land to Seas: The Deployment of China's Nuclear Forces

    China's deployment of nuclear forces are diversifying in an effort to achieve effective deterrence against its adversaries. Whereas the robustness of its nuclear posture might mean that it is moving away from its limited arsenal, however, its strategies and patterns of deployment indicate the PLA Rocket Forces are focused on improving its response and coordination for a seamless and rapid counter-strike, updating its strategy of deployment of missile systems to reduce its vulnerabilities in the post-missile defence nuclear environment and integrate its nuclear responses to portray an effective deterrence.