V. P. Dutta

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  • V. P. Dutt is currently Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi. He has been Pro-Vice Chancellor, Delhi University, and a two term member of the Rajya Sabha

    India, China and the United States: The Triangle That Isn’t

    At the outset, I should like to clarify that I am not going to theorize or build models on global or regional international relations. I am also not going to speak on India and China as such as I have already spoken on it at some length some months ago at the Indian Council of World Affairs. If anyone would like to look through the text of that speech, she or he could get it from the ICWA or from me. This lecture is, in the nature of things, more China focussed.

    April 2010

    Emerging East Asian Security Architecture

    Security in the traditional sense of the term constitutes only a partial facet of its overarching depiction. A comprehensive concept, a holistic view of security must include social cohesion, emotional integration, well being of the people, inclusive development and not the least any more, collective progress in the world and a more humane, pluralistic, equitable and just international order. It is argued that East Asian security architecture would be more sustainable if the lead nations of the region work collectively towards attainment these objectives.

    July 2009

    Crystal Gazing China

    A neo-liberal economy, an integrating component of the global village, a Confucian society ruled by a Leninist Party structure, a 21st century economic modernization endeavour cohabiting with an early 20th century political system, China offers a tantalizing proposition for looking into the crystal ball, and whither China becomes a legitimate subject of inquiry, both fascinating and complicated, full of pitfalls and open to dangerously misleading presumptions.

    July 2008