Manpreet Sethi

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  • Manpreet Sethi is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi.

    NPT RevCon 2010: An Opportunity to Refocus Priorities

    Amongst the challenges that bedevil the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) today, the NPT Review Conference (RevCon) 2010 will have to particularly handle two issues: one, right of non-nuclear weapon states (NNWS) under Article IV over the entire nuclear fuel cycle; two, identification by nuclear weapon states (NWS) of credible moves under Article VI for realising disarmament. In addressing the two interlinked issues, the RevCon has an opportunity to refocus the 40-year-old treaty into an effective instrument of non-proliferation and disarmament—its original twin objectives.

    March 2010

    Conventional War in the Presence of Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons cannot obviate wars, but can change its complexion and influence the manner of its conduct. In order to keep nuclear weapons from entering into real warfare, it is important to intelligently judge an adversary's nuclear thresholds and to calibrate one's own conventional strikes. For India, the exploration of this space is particularly important in order to deny Pakistan a free hand to indulge in sub-conventional conflict even as it holds the threat of an all-out nuclear war against an Indian conventional response.

    May 2009

    Argentina’s Nuclear Policy

    Argentina’s Nuclear Policy

    Publisher: IDSA and Knowledge World

    ISBN: 81-86019-19-7