Rayan Gawn

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  • Ryan Gawn has worked on Northern Irish public affairs since 1999 and has published a variety of articles on international affairs and peace-building. As a transitional justice specialist, he has worked on various projects with Track Two organizations, INGOs, the United Nations, Scottish and European Parliaments, and the United Kingdom's Foreign & Commonwealth Office concerning devolution, peace-building, international development, and peace and conflict.

    Arms to Agreement: Northern Ireland's Move from War to Peace

    For over three decades, Northern Ireland endured one of the most violent and intractable conflicts. Those years brought into focus the fundamental issues that have underlain the 'Irish Question' for many years - the British presence in Ireland, the constitutional status of Northern Ireland, the tensions between unionism and nationalism, the search for equality between all sections of the community, and, above all, the use of terrorist violence to achieve political ends.

    July 2009