Rohit Kumar Sharma

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  • Mr Rohit Kumar Sharma is Research Analyst at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP-IDSA), New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile.

    From Iron Dome to Cyber Dome: Defending Israel’s Cyberspace

    With cyberattacks on the rise in the wake of the Israel–Hamas conflict, Israel’s ‘cyber-dome’ initiative aims to fortify its digital defences.

    July 03, 2024

    The Protection of Private Data in Japan under Duress

    Two recent cases involving internal and external data breaches in leading telecom companies shine a spotlight on Japan’s policy for the protection of private user data.

    April 08, 2024

    Bridging Gaps in Cybersecurity with Cyber Insurance

    Cyber insurance may emerge as a critical element in ensuring cybersecurity preparedness.

    March 21, 2024

    Israel–Hamas Conflict and the Cyber Realm

    Hamas and its affiliates, along with other hacktivist groups, have conducted numerous cyber operations against Israeli targets.

    November 17, 2023

    DDoS Attacks and the Cyber Threatscape

    Organisations must develop distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) response plans and promote a culture of cyber hygiene among their workforce.

    August 01, 2023

    Cyberinsurance Policy: Rethinking Risk in an Age of Ransomware, Computer Fraud, Data Breaches, and Cyberattacks

    The world is increasingly getting interconnected with the digital realm. Simply put, the boundary between the physical and digital worlds is becoming less distinct, and the world is steadily progressing towards a future that relies heavily on data. Technology companies are harnessing the vast data flow to offer their users seamless experiences. However, these very users are equally concerned about their privacy and personal data security, primarily due to the rising data breaches orchestrated by malicious actors worldwide.

    July-August 2023

    The White House Executive Order on Commercial Spyware: Implications and Prospects

    The Biden administration’s Executive Order on commercial spyware aims to address the challenges posed by unregulated proliferation and misuse of commercial spyware.

    May 19, 2023

    Strengthening the Weakest Link: Creating Cyber Awareness via G-20 and Quad

    The name recognition associated with multilateral organisations like the G-20 and the QUAD provides a useful entry point for creating awareness on cybersecurity issues for the common man.

    April 24, 2023