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  • Maj Gen (Dr) Bipin Bakshi, AVSM, VSM, Retd is Deputy Director General, Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile [+]

    Building India's Counter-Terror Capability

    June 23, 2023

    Deputy Director General, Manohar Parrikar IDSA, Maj Gen (Dr) Bipin Bakshi’s chapter on 'Building India's Counter-Terror Capability' has been published in the book 'Indian Armed Forces in 2047'. The book has been edited by Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee and is published by the Pentagon Press, New Delhi.

    1971 India-Pakistan War: 50 Years Later

    • Publisher: Pentagon Press
    India’s decisive and historic victory in the 1971 India–Pakistan War is considered to be one of the landmark geopolitical events in the history of the sub-continent. One of the shortest wars in world history, fought for a mere 13 days, the lightning campaign brought about a change in the world’s perception of India, marking its recognition as an important regional power.

    The combined impact created by the resolute people of Bangladesh and the professional approach of the Indian state, successfully converted a catastrophe of epic proportions into a victory of the people, won through their stoic resolve and the professionalism of the armed forces.

    There have been a number of books, memoirs and articles over the years that have documented first-person and academic accounts of events that marked this period of history. Not surprisingly, most were written during the period succeeding the war and after the birth of Bangladesh. This book is an attempt to evaluate events with the benefit of a five-decade time lapse. In doing so, the focus remains firmly on the military aspects of the war, accompanied by a brief account of political events, diplomacy, influence of major powers, public perception and the role of Mukti Bahini.

    • ISBN:9789390095698 ,
    • Price: ₹ 1495
    • E-copy available