V.S. Ranade

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  • Major General V.S. Ranade, Retd served in the National Security Guard (NSG) as Inspector General (Operations), and presently is the Director of the Army Institute of Management, Kolkata.

    Slender is the Corridor

    Is 22 kilometres (kms) adequate enough for an emotional connection? The famed Siliguri Corridor is 22 kms wide at its narrowest point, a rectangular box of about 400 sq kms (20x22 kms), and has multi-dimensional aspects connected to it: strategic, economic, emotional and political. Have we recognised the importance of this 22 kms strip? Strategically yes, but what about other issues, which connect a nation? Have we connected with it politically and emotionally?

    January-March 2023

    Bridge on the Bay

    Look East/Act East Policy rides on the regional cooperation in the Southeast Asian region and our northeast region is the engine to further our cause.

    January-March 2022