Shubhrajeet Konwer

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  • Russia-Pakistan Relations and the ‘China Factor’- Implications for India

    As the Russia-Ukraine war enters a phase of attrition, Moscow is increasingly turning to the Global South for diplomatic support and ways to replenish its depleted resources. Likewise, given Pakistan’s grave economic situation and food crisis, the country is anxiously turning to Russia with open arms. This article examines the upward trajectory of relations between Moscow and Islamabad and analyses its implications for India.

    July-August 2023

    US–India Relations: The Shadowboxing Era

    As the US presidential elections are just a few months away, the economic and strategic differences between India and the United States have come to the forefront. Trump–Modi partnership which started with ‘hugplomacy, is now transformed to that of ‘shadowboxing’. In this era, legacy as well as personal ties between the two leaders will matter little because national interests will be pursued relentlessly. India’s quest for autonomy in foreign policy and its ability to manage the contradictions with the United States will dictate the future course of relations between the two countries.

    January 2020