Nivedita Das Kundu

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  • Prof. Nivedita Das Kundu, Ph.D, Teaches at York University, Toronto, Canada, also President, Academic & International Collaboration, Liaison College, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

    COVID-19 Pandemic and its Socio-Economic Implications on Canada

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada from the middle of March 2020 affected the Canadian population with unexpected disruptions in almost all spheres of life that drastically altered the lifestyle in most of the provinces in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requested Canadians to stay at home and self-isolate. Each province in Canada implemented its measures and plans to fight COVID-19. The provinces like British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island declared a state of emergency.

    January-June 2020

    CWC Fourth Review Conference: Key Areas of Focus

    OPCW marked the 20th anniversary of its formation on the April 29, 2017; it is indeed laudable to note the efforts of the organisation in fostering international cooperation to strengthen implementation of the Convention and promote the peaceful uses of chemistry. Presently, the civil society, academia, industry experts and state parties are discussing range of possible policy recommendations and suggestions to set an agenda for the Fourth Review Conference to be held during November 19-23, 2018 at OPCW, The Hague.

    January-June 2018

    Popular Demonstrations in Russia and Putin’s Return to the Presidency

    Putin is likely to overcome ongoing protests and return as President in the March elections, although his popularity could fall further if he fails to respond to the growing signs of discontent on significant issues relating to transparency and accountability.

    January 23, 2012

    NATO’s Bucharest Summit

    At the NATO Summit in Bucharest, Ukraine and Georgia’s loss became Russia’s overall gain. Ukraine and Georgia wanted to get the invitation for the pre-membership programme in NATO, which is the last step to full membership. Before the summit, President Bush went to Kiev and promised Ukrainian leaders that he would do all to support their country’s membership in NATO. But strong opposition from France and Germany put paid to Ukrainian and Georgian hopes.

    May 28, 2008

    Russia and its Near Abroad

    Russia and its Near Abroad
    • Publisher: Authors Press
    • ISBN 978-81-7273-468-8,
    • Price: ₹ 240

    Hamid Ansari’s Visit to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan

    Vice President Hamid Ansari’s visit to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan from April 4 to 10, 2008 opened up new vistas between India and the Central Asian Republics (CARs). During his visit, Ansari asserted that greater engagement between India and CAR would not only prove beneficial for both but will also help to enhance the strategic significance of the region. The Vice President’s visit has opened up new hopes for cooperation especially in the hydrocarbon sector, mainly with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

    April 24, 2008

    Sarkozy’s Visit to India

    President Nicolas Sarkozy’s first visit to India on January 25-27, 2008 (along with 300 delegates) provided fresh impetus to the strategic partnership between the two countries. The visit reinforced the interests of both countries in maintaining close and friendly ties and in strengthening a multipolar world order. During his visit, Sarkozy had one-to-one talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, followed by discussions between the two sides on various sectors. The two countries signed several major agreements related to defence, nuclear research, space and healthcare.

    January 29, 2008

    India-Russia Defence Cooperation: Trends and Prospects

    Fellows' Seminar
    October 26, 2007
    1030 to 1300 hrs

    The Re-emergence of an Assertive Russia

    Russia's decision to resume the Soviet-era practice of sending strategic bombers on long-range flights well beyond its borders, just a few days after concluding an air exercise over the North Pole involving such aircraft, seems to suggest a willingness to challenge US intrusion into its neighbourhood and NATO's continuing eastward expansion. Some 14 strategic bombers took off from seven airfields across Russia, along with support and refuelling aircraft on August 17.

    August 29, 2007

    Role of "Energy" in Resurgence of Russia

    Fellows' Seminar
    May 04, 2007
    1030 to 1300 hrs