Yashasvi Chandra

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  • Illicit Drug Trafficking and Financing of Terrorism: The Case of Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their Affiliate Groups

    The revenue generated from the drug trafficking business constitutes a fifth of the organised crime revenues, with annual worldwide value of the trade estimated to be around $650 billion. As the trafficking of drugs provides a lucrative opportunity, transnational terror groups such as Al- Qaeda, the Islamic State and their affiliates are increasingly using illicit drug trade to fund their expenses and operational costs. Further, with the increasing surveillance of the funding routes of terror by the security forces, the traditional sources of revenue have dried up.

    January-June 2020

    International Law on the Use of Force against Terrorists since 9/11: The Contrasting Cases of Israel and India

    The international law on the use of force against terrorists has experienced a radical revision since the rise of transnational jihad of Al-Qaeda. It has sufficiently expanded to accommodate actions against terrorists in foreign territory in the wake of terrorist attacks, particularly when the foreign State is hosting terrorists and not cooperating with the victim State. However, the new legal framework does not give carte blanche to States to use force against terrorists. While using force States must strictly follow the law.

    April 2017