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  • Status Of Jointness In Indian Security Apparatus

    Status Of Jointness In Indian Security Apparatus

    Jointness and integration of the military is an inevitable requirement for the modern-day battlefield. The principles underlying these features are inter-service cooperation and economy of effort, both of which are crucial to war fighting. The lack of jointness and integration in the Indian armed forces received an impetus post Kargil. The Kargil Review Committee and Group of Ministers on National Security highlighted the pitfalls in the existing system and made a number of recommendations.


    Internal Armed Conflict in India: Forging a Joint Civil–Military Approach, by Rostum K. Nanavatty, New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2013, pp. 246, INR 595

    Though the Indian Army has been committed to counterinsurgency operations for the past 60 years, Indian policymakers are yet to formulate a joint civil–military doctrine for resolution of internal armed conflicts. The lack of the same is evident from the internal security situation obtaining in the country.

    July 2014