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  • Pervasive Geopolitics, Elusive Science: The Quest for the Origins of SARS CoV-2

    The COVID-19 crisis has emerged at a time when the world has been witnessing a renewed geopolitical rivalry, and the pandemic has accentuated it. As a result, the quest for the origins of the SARS CoV-2 has remained elusive, even after a long-awaited investigation done by the WHO. Geopolitics seems to have been the final arbiter of the probe, rather than science.

    January-June 2021

    COVID-19 and New Age Technology

    Humanity is much better equipped today to mitigate the loss in life and collateral economic damage resulting from a pandemic, as demonstrated through the deployment of new-age tools such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, neural networks and internet of things.

    May 01, 2020

    China’s Military Pursuit of Bio-Technology

    War has largely remained confined to the inanimate realms of land, air, space, etc. It is envisioned that it would cross over to the animate realm consisting of the human neuro-psychiatric system. This process would be aided by the cutting-edge developments in Science and Technology. The future battlefield is likely to consist of man-machine interfaces and bio-crossing technologies, especially Biotechnology, are expected to play a major role in it. This paper looks at China's military pursuit of Biotechnology, especially employing the CRISPR-Cas 9 technology, and why the Biotech industry has become a strategic industry for China.

    July-December 2019

    Managing Bio-Disaster: Role of Dentist

    Over the past few decades, global events indicate that the threat of biological attack is not a myth, but a harsh reality. The medical community needs to educate both the public and policy-makers on bioterrorism and create a global consensus to reject its use for longer-term solutions. Dentists can provide their patients and communities with a valuable service by providing quality information on the potential for attacks, what to watch for, and how to respond appropriately if an attack occurs. This review provides a brief summary of biological terrorism with the role of medical fraternity in counteracting such an event, and a relevant note on alternative public health resource like dentistry in time of a crisis.

    July-December 2019

    Genetically Engineered Insects: A Boon or Curse?

    The age of genetic engineering and biotechnology has enabled the humanity to save lives and make them better and to upgrade lifestyles in many ways. Ongoing research and innovations in these fields aims at diverse areas from advancing health care facilities to increasing crop production to boost food supply, undoubtedly adding to the quality of human lives. However, whether these technologies are actually bliss or a curse is still a question of debate as every new development increases the risk of misuse of such technologies.

    July-December 2014

    Overview of National Implementation Measures for Use of Microorganisms - BTWC Concerns

    It is well recognized that modern technologies have dual use applications both for peaceful purposes as well as hostile use. Modern biology and bio-technology offer novel ways of manipulating basic life processes. Purposefully or unintentionally, genetic modification of microorganisms could be used to create organisms that are more virulent, are antibioticresistant, or have greater stability in the environment.

    July-September 2009

    Role of Biotechnology in Defence

    Fellows' Seminar
    September 05, 2008
    1030 to 1300 hrs