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  • India, to the South China Sea and Beyond

    This commentary attempts to map out some of the salient options for India in the region east of the Indian Ocean, that is, from the South China Sea (SCS) extending to the South Pacific. A maritime debate, the role and function of the Indian Navy is thus central.

    January 2013

    Role of Pakistan’s Armed Forces in 2010 Floods

    When nature laid its wrath on Pakistan in July 2010, engulfing major parts of the country with devastating floods, it demanded that the nation stand tall. This led to emergence of the Pakistani army as the dominant national player in rescue missions. The army’s role gave clear evidence of careful planning, optimal utilisation of resources, sharp foresight, and bold leadership. The army conducted and participated in numerous life-saving operations, and reinvented itself during one of the toughest times faced by this war-struck country.

    January 2012

    China and India: Maritime Commonalities and Divergences

    When a nation embarks upon the process of shifting from an “inward-leaning economy” to an “outward-leaning economy,” the arena of national security concerns begins to move to the oceans . The expanding economies and ever increasing demand for natural resources has rekindled the maritime vision of these growing nations. The rediscovery of a maritime vision leading to increased inroads in the maritime domain by both these nations could be viewed as being based on maritime commonalities. Along with the commonalities there are divergences in strategic thought and approach.

    July 2011