Vijay Nambiar

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  • Ambassador Vijay K. Nambiar, Retd, former Dy. NSA, NSCS, PR UN at New York and Spl Advisor of SG on Myanmar and Chief of Staff, UN.

    India and the United Nations: Past and Future

    The subject of today’s discussion is peacekeeping but you have asked me to speak on a much broader plane about the past and future of the United Nations. Last year marked a hundred years of multilateralism. The founding of the League of Nations in January 1920 to maintain peace and foster international cooperation represented the first real institutionalization of multilateralism.

    July-September 2022

    The Protection of Civilians and the United Nations

    The world has changed significantly since the founding of the United Nations and so have its conflicts. During the mid-twentieth century, the pre-eminent challenge for multilateral cooperation was the awesome prospect of a Third World War. Today, in the aftermath of the Cold War, we see a more elaborated focus on the prevention of conflict and the protection of communities and peoples—both as a sovereign responsibility of the modern nation-state as well as a central focus of the United Nations peace engagements.

    November 2011