Cultural Diplomacy

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  • Gaurav Lulia asked: How can Bollywood and other regional film industry help increase India's soft power?

    Shruti Pandalai replies: India's soft power potential is rooted in its ancient culture, history and the expansive influence of Indian art, traditional wisdom and spirituality globally. In fact, one of the fundamental pillars of India's Indo-Pacific vision is the revival of cultural and civilisational linkages that India has shared with many countries in the region for centuries.

    India’s South Asia Dilemma and Regional Cooperation: Relevance of Cultural Diplomacy

    This article highlights the current relevance of cultural diplomacy not as a panacea for the problems in India’s relations with its South Asian neighbours but as a way of dealing with the dilemma it faces. Against the backdrop of India’s position in South Asia and the importance of the region, the article makes an estimate of cultural diplomacy.

    January 2014

    Arvind asked: Can't Asif Ali Zardari's visit to Dargah Ajmer Sharif rightly be termed as 'Shrine Diplomacy’?

    Reply: A direct answer to the question would be an emphatic 'No', because he did not plan to undertake the Shrine to build bridges with India. Zardari's primary purpose was to pay a visit to the dargah in his personal capacity. Given his position as the President of Pakistan, his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister must have been factored in, however, while contemplating such a visit. Such visits assume significance when they lead to unexpected political outcomes. In this case, even if Zardari's visit was a personal one, it did have some balming effect on Indo-Pak relations and reinforced the process of dialogue that was recovering from the shocks of both Mumbai attacks and the unnecessary diplomatic assault from the then Pakistani foreign minister in July 2010. The resumed dialogue process gathered some pace after the visit, though it had already started gathering momentum since the November 2011 announcement of (working towards) granting of MFN status to India by end 2012. It would be incorrect to say that he undertook the shrine visit to cement ties with India.

    The Uses of Public and Cultural Diplomacy

    Leveraging public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy is key to enable India graduate from being a regional power in South Asia to a great power in the Asia-Pacific.

    August 17, 2011