Nishchal Nath Pandey

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  • Nishchal Nath Pandey is Director, Centre for South Asian Studies, Kathmandu.

    UN's Role in South Asia: The Case of Nepal

    Nepal has conducted a slew of political experiments since 2006. By inviting the Maoists into the mainstream and collectively deciding to dump the Constitution of 1990, there was hope that a new era of peace and stability would begin with the end of the decade-long armed insurgency. The Constituent Assembly (CA) elections of 2008 saw the emergence of the Maoists as the largest party—which was a totally unexpected and surprising outcome for the international community.

    November 2011

    Comments on 'China in SAARC: To What Effect?'

    ‘China in SAARC: To What Effect?’ is a detailed article and the author has elaborated the modest achievements of SAARC despite its 25 years of existence. One of the foremost problems in the regional grouping has been a restricted charter which desperately needs a revision.

    May 2011