Frank Charles van Rooyen

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  • Frank Charles van Rooyen is working towards a PhD in Africa studies through the University of the Free State. This article was written in July 2010 while Frank was a Visiting Research Fellow at IDSA. The Institute's goodwill and hospitality is gratefully acknowledged.

    Flotsam and Jetsam: Towards Ending Somali Piracy on Shore

    Since the overthrow of its last ruler Siad Barre in 1990, Somalia's conditions have worsened and, barring a few islands of peace, are degenerating rapidly; its waves of insecurity surge beyond its shores. Piracy off Somalia is a consequence of its present volatile insecurity on shore, and 20 years of conflict resolution efforts have come to naught. As piracy increases and anti-piracy operations intensify, efforts at finding lasting peace on shore have run aground.

    March 2011