Suryakant Bal

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  • Air Commodore Suryakant Bal, AVSM (Retd.) is a noted defence analyst. Currently, he teaches management in Business Schools in Pune, and Russian at the University of Pune, India.

    The Human Element in Military Effectiveness: A Systems Approach

    This paper examines the human issues in the entire system that could make the military more effective recognising the military as a sub-system within the larger system, which is created to address the aims of that very system. It asserts that there is no requirement to institute committees or make any more laws to address the human element issues relating to military effectiveness. The existing politico-legal system being adequate, there is no need for ‘novel’ or ‘creative’ solutions but only the will to effectively and ruthlessly apply them.

    January 2011

    Managing Supersession in the Armed Forces: An HRM Approach

    Supersession is too important an aspect of organizational existence to be dismissed lightly. It is a situation to be managed jointly by the organization and affected individual with the clear understanding that organizational interests are overriding. The Human Resources Management (HRM) approach aims to ensure that staffing manning of an organization effectively meets the quantitative and qualitative aspects at all times to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. An important element of HRM is Human Resource Planning (HRP).

    October 2010