Praveen Kumar

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  • Praveen Kumar is Joint Controller General of Defence Accounts (Accounts & Budget), Ministry of Defence.

    Designing an Appropriate MIS for Efficient Resource Management

    The establishment of an FMIS has become an important benchmark for the country's budget reform agenda, often regarded as a precondition for achieving effective management of the budgetary resources.

    April 2009

    External Linkages and Internal Security: Assessing Bhutan’s Operation All Clear

    Disruption of terrorist networks - intra-regional, inter-regional and trans-national - should be supplementary to the overall counterterrorism strategy. Larger issues including socio-economic and cultural can only be addressed in the long-term. The immediate goal, however, has to be an effective localised response. Otherwise, efforts like Bhutan’s counter-terrorism operations against ULFA, NDFB and KLO - popularly called ‘Operation All Clear’- may only have a partial impact.

    July 2004

    Karbi-Kuki Clashes in Assam

    Militant groups clashing among themselves for control over the public resources even at the cost of the rights of the local tribal or ethnic community they claim to be defending, is an important factor behind persistent inter-ethnic conflicts

    April 2004